cluB suSU is a compilation that is synonymous with quality sexy house beats, the new ‘Refreshed’ album is another classic with gives the generic suSU artwork, and more tunidge than 7 nights in Ibiza!

The in-house formula of 14 huge tunes – plus a bonus DJ mix – retailing at less than £8 is repeated to deadly effect. Again, cluB suSU ‘Refreshed’ offers an intoxicating mix of peak time electro house, Sexy deeper grooves, current electronic club favourites and, of course, the usual hand picked unreleased killer cuts.

The goodies on offer include Pete Heller remix on UBU ‘Pixels’ Steve Lawler’s dancefloor smash ‘Courses For Horses’, Tom Middleton at his most deadliest via tie up with Inxec & Matt Tolfrey, ‘One More Tune’

The bonus DJ Mix is much more than a token bonus offering: from the opening Vandalism vs Chicken Lips segueing into ‘Shine On Me’ meeting the Oritigerskin mix of Umek’s ‘Utopia’ finally finishing with the Dave James We Love Remix of Yousef’s ‘Africa …this is a musical journey par excellence.

Refreshed – we certainly are……

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