The first 2 cluB suSU compilation became an instant favourite with consumers, retail and press….and have gone on to become perennial timeless gems.

Now it’s time for the follow up – and the result is another classic with the generic classy artwork, which is more than matched by the music on offer.

The suSU in-house formula of 14 huge tunes – plus a bonus DJ mix is repeated to deadly effect. Again, cluB suSU ‘On The Rocks’ offers an intoxicating mix of peak time funky house, Soul filled deeper grooves, current electronic club favourites and, of course, the usual hand picked unreleased killer cuts.

Goodies on offer include Goldtrix remix on Ad Finem ‘If You Fall’ Andy Cato’s dancefloor smash ‘La Luna’, DJ Chus at his most Soulful via tie up with David Penn, ‘Will I (Discover Love) Henry Saiz ‘Madre Noche’ and Andy Chatterley and Clinton Brown state of the art electro house beauty ‘Sabotage’.

The offerings from outside suSU are just as vibrant including men of the moment Futureshock on ‘Tigerdust’ which has won acclaim from the headz from its release on Renaissance. Plus…world exclusive classic from , Indo, Guy J & BLM

On The Rocks …and make mine a double. Please.
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