Kicking off what is set to become a regular feature at suSU HQ is the majestic Ibiza / Manhattan bar suSU collection.

A classic in every sense of the word, this one sold by the bucket load, propelling the label to another level on a massive global scale. It became widely recognised as both the pre-night preparation album of choice for the dedicated party goers, as well as THE after party soundtrack for anyone who was ‘in the know’.

Split in two equally delectable parts, the Ibiza collection represents a dance headz perfect day, lazing on a beach, where rippling waves and laidback beats combine in perfect harmony.

The Manhattan collection flips things over, representing all that’s good about the night; low light and deep house sets the scene as you sink into that leather chair and sip your cocktail of choice.

A genuine must have.

Check out our releases section HERE and have a listen.