PMI presents a new ‘Culture Series’ compilation – something new to excite the already significant market for Uber Pool Miami compilations.(see what we did there?!)

The concept is simple; the idea of The Culture Series is that it concentrates on various genres, events and places related to music. The perfect mix CDs for people who know the kind of tracks they like and what they want to listen to, whilst in different situations.

The album features the largest collection of MASSIVE dance tracks ever put together on one album, from some of the industry’s biggest producers/DJs. Carl Cox, Sasha, Yousef & James Zabiela all contribute, as well as a brand new mix of the Rita Campbell’s ‘Runaway Love’ to make this Miami inspired compilation the most cutting edge download in the digital market.

Check out the ridiculously good tracklisting and bag yourself a copy HERE before it’s too late!