suSU - Miami 2014 Final-3

The in-house formula of 15 huge tunes – plus a bonus DJ mix – retailing at less than £6 is repeated to deadly effect. Again, Miami 2014 offers an intoxicating mix of peak time house, deeper techy grooves, current club favourites and, of course, the usual hand picked unreleased killer cuts, just in time for the world famous Winter Music Conference 2014

From Azuli, the goodies on offer include Rhythm Factor ‘You Bring Me Joy’ The Fog smash ‘Been A Long A Time’, Andrea Mendez at her most deadliest with ‘Bring Me Love’r Music Conference in Miami

The offerings from Renaissance are just as vibrant including man of the moment Guy Gerber’s mix of ‘Pixels’ which has won acclaim from the headz from its release a few years back. Plus…world exclusive MK mix on ‘Feel It’ by Carol Bailey

The bonus DJ Mix is much more than a token bonus offering: We start with the mash up of ‘Anytime’, segueing into ‘No Other Way But Down’ meeting Kimisshake’s ‘Gin & Tonic’ finally finishing with the Dub Mix of ‘Save A Prayer’…this is a musical journey par excellence.
Bring On The Palm Trees……

Available with 15 Full length DJ Friendly digital download & 1 X DJ Mix Click HERE to get your copy from ITunes NOW!