Dis House-2[1]

Brand new Dis Is Series, Phoenix Music International’s new dance compilation, packed full of dance genres that have left their mark on floor over the last decade!

Progressive house, deeper techy grooves, current club favourites and, of course, the usual hand picked unreleased killer cuts & exclusives, to be released 22nd January 2014.The in-house formula of 20 huge tunes – retailing at less than £8 is repeated to deadly effect. The first volume of The Di Is offers an intoxicating mix of

From Multiply the goodies on offer include TJR ’Just Gets Better the massive Club smash by Fabulous Baker Boys ‘Oh Boy’ (Ramsey & Fen Mix) and the as
yet unrealised Duke Dumont remix of Jessie Garcia ‘Off da Hook’

Another musical journey par excellence.

If you know about dance music…you’ll know about this album!!

Available with 20 Full length DJ Friendly digital download Click HERE to get your copy from ITunes NOW!