‘Music to Smoke To’ is a chilled & triphop compilation with a difference – something new to excite the already significant moody vibe of chillout music. The perfect album to sit back and relax to!

With it’s controversial sleeve design indicating exactly who this album is targeted at (your music ‘royalty’ consumer), the album features the biggest and best collection of Reggae, Triphop, and Downtempo vibes money can buy. The biggest Son Of Dave single ‘Leave Without Running’ takes you into a Blues mood, whilst Looney Tune by non other than Space and One Shot Chilla by Aswad tip the scales on this ‘dope’ long player.

Certainly not for minors, this album has been compiled for adults only and has a unique appeal to the student market – (it should keep them from rioting at least!)

Light up and listen up HERE.