The in-house formula of 12 huge tunes – plus a bonus DJ mix – retailing at less than £8 is repeated to deadly effect. Again, Cala Jondal, San Jose offers an intoxicating mix of Beach house, deeper techy grooves, current club favourites and, of course, the usual hand picked unreleased killer cuts & exclusives, to be released September 18th.

From Azuli, the goodies on offer include DJ Chus ‘Will I’ Alex Koning’s dancefloor smash ‘Clubstalker, Gambafreaks at their most deadliest with ‘Down Down Down’

The offerings from PMI are just as vibrant including men of the moment Patrick Alvai ‘Power’ which has won acclaim from the headz from its release a few years back. Plus…world exclusive unreleased Solesso mix on ‘Closest Thing To Heaven’ by Tears For Fears

The bonus DJ Mix is much more than a token bonus offering: We start with the mash up of ‘Makes Me Love You’, segueing into ‘Down Down Down’ meeting the other exclusive Dirty Filthy Soul Remix of Shena’s ‘Electrosexual’ finally finishing with One Hit Wonders ‘Grace Of God’

…this is a musical journey par excellence.

If you know about Cala Jondal…you’ll know about this album!!

Available with 12 Full length DJ Friendly digital download & 1 X Bonus DJ Mix Click HERE to get your copy from ITunes NOW!